The Adventures of Billy Butterbread: Volume 1 (or, alternatively, Vol. 1) is a set of stories published online by writer Joe Gibbons; it is compiled of six multi-chapter stories, accompanied by eight one-off shorts, and is currently being distributed between 2017 and 2019.


William "Billy" Butterbread III is a food-critic and private detective, living and working in Cheston Village, England.

But when he loses his job at the newspaper that employs him as their food-critic, Billy's world is turned upside-down - and life will never be the same again!

Join Billy and those who accompany him on his cases, mishaps and escapades - Ryan Thompson, a playboying electrician; Jean Phelps, a striving Events Manager; Police Constable Janet Worthing, and the cantankerous landlord, Mister Snoutnose - as they embark on some of the strangest, funniest and most thrilling adventures of the modern day!


Cheston Village Road Sign (Circa 1926)
1. Introduction: "Welcome to Cheston Village!"

Angus McCall, M.D. (retired), the chief librarian in Cheston Village, introduces readers to The Adventures of Billy Butterbread - setting the scene for Story No. 1...

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Story 1 Logo (Emblem; UPDATED)
2. 'The Beginning'

When an ambitious amateur detective becomes out of work, and faced with the threat of homelessness, he must learn to accept help from friends old and new in order to succeed.

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3. Sneak Peek: Coming Soon...

Dr. McCall returns to enlighten readers to a spoiler-free look-ahead at things to come....

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Interlude - Title Card
4. 'Interlude': A Prologue to 'The Food Festival'

"The Editor" - Billy Butterbread's mysterious archenemy - meets with a suboordinate at a London Hotel, to discuss what is come across future weeks...

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5. 'The Food Festival'

A prestigious annual event goes underway in Cheston Village, and Billy is tasked with hosting the proceedings; but when things go wrong, Billy is held responsible - can he work quickly to put things right again, or will the cunning "Skinny" Flint worsen the situation?

Part I Logo
6. 'Bite-Sized Bits!' - Part I

Four short-stories about the residents of Cheston Village!

Ryan Thompson makes a meal of his latest date, while "Skinny" Flint proves himself an unlikely hero; Dee Livery finds his postal rounds threatened, as "The Editor" continues to plot - in the build-up to Billy Butterbread's next big adventure.

Story 3 Logo (Emblem; UPDATED)
7. 'The Bowling Championship'

Billy, Jean and Ryan are all tired - overloaded with the stresses of daily life, they band together in search of a change to cure their exhaustion:

The answer comes to them in the form of the local Bowling Alley in Cheston Village, and Ryan soon leads the charge in a tournament that quickly leads to matters of the heart.

Part II Logo
8. 'Bite-Sized Bits!' - Part II

Four more short-stories that follow Billy and Co. in and around Cheston Village:

Mayor Jameson gets upstaged by his sons, as Police Constable Janet Worthing has a night to remember; then, Billy and Ryan make a surprising discovery about Mister Snoutnose, before they endure Martin and Charlie to the scariest Halloween stories possible.

Logo (2018; Updated)
9. 'The Anonymous Blackmailer'

Billy Butterbread, aided by his friends, is now hot on the trail of his archenemy - 'The Editor'; but when trouble strikes, it seems that 'The Editor' has commissioned his chief suboordinate to carry out a fiendish plan...

Mister Snoutnose's Alt. Christmas 2018 Speech - Final Logo; V2
10. 'Mister Snoutnose's Alternative Message: Christmas 2018'

A short alternative Christmas message - typed straight from the keyboard of Mister Snoutnose's outdated computer, looking back on the year that has passed.

Story 5 (Logo)
11. 'The Return of the Cheston Poisoner'

The worst luck possible quickly marks a turning point in Billy's life, while an old enemy returns to wreak havoc across Cheston Village.