The Adventures of Billy Butterbread has a wide supporting cast, which is always growing; this page contains brief articles on all of these characters, and will be continually updated as time goes on.

Dee Livery

Dee Livery (Promotional)

Dee Livery (circa 2018).

"...Dee Livery is always on time; it’s not in his nature to be late!”

- William "Billy" Butterbread III praising Dee Livery

('Bite-Sized Bits!' 3 # Dee Livery in: 'Post-Modern')


Dee Livery was born in Leeds, Yorkshire at some point during the 1970s, to African parents.

At some point in his life, Dee moved to Cheston Village and became a postman - after growing bored in his old job as an office worker.

Dee usually cycles during his rounds, but has been known to walk sometimes as well; he has also raced William "Billy" Butterbread III - with whom he is friends, as well as a fellow cyclist - on occasion, losing one time due to falling off his bicycle close to a duck pond.

In the Winter of 2018, Dee's bicycle was stolen from him by Derek and Robert Jameson (who later stole Billy Butterbread's too), but was later returned to him by "Skinny" Flint Perry.

Later that year, Dee's job was threatened when the Post Service hired wreckless van driver, Vincent Scunthorpe, to assist with his rounds - the latter was quickly banned from driving until further notice following an incident, and Dee is now back to working on his regular rounds once more.


Dee is a kind and amiable man, who gets along with everybody he meets (knowing the entirety of Cheston's community through his job).

He does, however, have an unfortunate habit of getting soaked - usually through either rain, falling over in either a puddle, stream or pond - but has never, surprisingly, caught a cold (or hyopthermia) because of this.



  • Dee bares a striking resemblance to the actor Dee Bradley Baker, who played Lando Calrissian in the original Star Wars Trilogy; coincidentally, they both share a first name.

"Skinny" Flint Perry

'Skinny' Flint Perry (From 'Community Service'; Wiki-Page)

"Skinny" Flint shovelling snow during late-blizzards in the Spring.

"...there ain’t no way of gettin’ on in this ‘eartless world without makin’ an honest profit, if you see what I mean…”

- "Skinny" Flint's philosophy

('The Food Festival', Chapter Four: "'Skinny' Flint")


"Skinny" Flint Perry was born and raised in Cheston Village in 1969, inheriting Perry's Whole Sale Shop - founded by his grandfather in 1941 - when his father passed away in 2008.

Flint, angered at the beaurocracy displayed by Greg Jameson, Mayor of Cheston, attemped - and almost succeeded - to sabotage the 326th Food Festival one Spring, after being denied entry; his plans were foiled by William "Billy" Butterbread III - whom he had befriended to help him during the latest Festival's early days - before being sentenced to various pieces of Community Service across the village to make up for his shameful behaviour.

During his Service, late blizzards of snow stormed through Cheston, and Flint was responsible for catching two boys (who later turned out to be the Mayor's sons, Derek and Robert) who stole Dee Livery's bike, as well as Billy Butterbread's.

Although Mayor Jameson declared "Skinny" Flint's community service over, before realising that his sons were the ones who had stolen two bicycles, it is currently unknown what Flint's present situation is.

Later in the year, "Skinny" Flint was brought in by Mayor Jameson to deliver a microphone to his house - in preparation for an 'important' speech to open the local Summer Fete; Jameson berated Flint for apparently damaging his mahogany sideboard with a large box containing the microphone and its equipment.


"Skinny" Flint is the quintessential Spiv; taking his cues from Flash Harry and Joe Walker, he knows how to crack a deal with customers, and charm them into buying his products.

Although he is willing to go to extremes, Flint sees himself as a man of the people - he despises the Political Status Quo in Cheston Village, sharing a rivalry - albeit a respectful one - with Mayor Jameson (after saving his life from an explosion) - even though the two were previously bitter and openly hostile.

Putting all of his aside, Flint is a good man at heart - as he is always willing to make ammends with people he has done wrong by, such as Ryan Thompson and Jean Phelps.



  • "Skinny" Flint is drawn to resemble the late actor James Beck, who played Private Joe Walker in the BBC sitcom, Dad's Army - another "Spiv" from whom the character takes inspiration.

Mayor Greg Jameson

Mayor Greg Jameson (From 'Seen and Not Heard')

Mayor Jameson in his dress robes.

"’re as corrupt as they come!"

- "Skinny" Flint Perry, expressing disdain for Mayor Jameson when the latter places him under arrest.

('The Food Festival', Chapter Nine: "The Final Round")


Gregory Jameson was born to Irish parents in Cheston Village during the mid-1950's.

Dissatisfied with his parents' lack of wealth, Jameson entered local politics at a young age - becoming the youngest, and longest-running, Mayor in the village's entire history.

Highly conservative in his nature, Jameson made it his priority to uphold Cheston's proudest traditions - such as the Annual Food Festival, taking place every year at some time in the Spring - showing heavy signs of distraughtness and upset whenever these traditions were disrupted.

On one notable occasion, during the Village's 326th Food Festival, Mayor Jameson was quick to express how upset he was with William "Billy" Butterbread III, after the latter accidentally disrupted the opening proceedings with his bicycle - but later praised him when he made ammends to all involved through acts of kindness.

Later, when Billy averted an explosion of dynamite (disguised as carrot-scented candles), Jameson was quick to blame him again, despite Billy having no prior knowledge of the dynamite at all; when it was soon revealed that "Skinny" Flint Perry was behind the attack, signs of a class-fuelled agenda were brought to the fore - resulting in Jameson ordering Perry's arrest - after the latter was tracked down to a warehouse.

However, when another assailant (later revealed to be Marcus Boyd) lit a stick of dynamite, Flint saved the Mayor's life - forming an unlikely mutual respect between the two.

Despite this respect, Jameson showed great frustration at Flint on multiple occasions later that year:

The first, for apparently "getting <his> boys in trouble with the Police" when the Mayor's two sons - Derek and Robert, stole bicycles belong to Billy Butterbread and the local Postman, Dee Livery; and secondly, during preparations for a Summer Fete, when Flint almost scratched a Mahogany sideboard with a box containing a Mayor Jameson's new microphone for the opening of the Fete.

For the second instance that year, the Mayor's sons - in an effort to get their neglegent father's attention - caused problems for him at the Fete, by fiddling around with his new microphone - causing it to stop working whilst he attempted to deliver a speech.

At some point in his life, a young Jameson engaged in a fistfight with one of his many bullying victims at Meadow Bridge School - where he later became Head Boy in his final year.

During another instance, Mayor Jameson's nose was broken as a result of taking a misdirected Bowling Ball to the face - hurled the wrong way by Rufus McCoy - causing his nose to be misshapen.


As a result of having worked his way up through the class system, as well as his role as Mayor of Cheston, Greg Jameson is elitist and bigotted, with little to no appreciation for people in the lower classes - namely "Skinny" Flint Perry - and favours both his pride and career over his family, including his devoted wife, Imelda.

Jameson is also seen to be very quick to change his mind (but only whenever it suits him) - as he does not appear to appreciate Billy Butterbread's behaviour, until he acts in the favour of Cheston Village during the events of 'The Food Festival', and then resorts to condoning him again later in the story.



  • Although his nose is said to be crooked in 'The Bowling Championship', Jameson's nose appears to be perfectly normal (albeit rather sloping) in the artwork for 'Seen and Not Heard'.