“...leave it to a copper to ask a sensible question.”

- "Skinny" Flint Perry, complementing Janet on her Policing skills

('The Food Festival', Chapter Eight: "The Search For Ryan")


Early life

Janet Worthing was born and raised in Cheston Village.

She grew up with both of her parents, who told her stories about the village and its history - most notably when her great-grandfather, Inspector Michael Worthing, foiled an assassination attempt on Queen Victoria's life during a Royal Visit.

Inspired by the story of her ancestor's heroic actions, Janet went on to join the Cheston Village Police Service, where she currently holds the rank of Police Sergeant - but aspires to make her way through the ranks successively, as her career progresses.


Volume 1

'The Beginning'

'The Food Festival'

'Bite-Sized Bits!' - Part I

'The Bowling Championship'

'Bite-Sized Bits!' - Part II

Personality & Personal Life

Janet Worthing is a no-nonsense, by-the-book Police officer, who - mostly - prefers sticking to protocol on any and all occasions, making her an ideal upholder of the law.

She has been known to possess and acerbic wit, with she has expressed in front of (and towards) her colleagues and friends, including William "Billy" Butterbread III - with whom she liaises whenever one of the Private Investigator's cases requires further assistance from the Police, or vice versa.

Not much is known about her private life.

Personal Relationships


  • Inspector Michael Worthing - great-grandfather and inspiration.

Friends & Acquaintances


  • Ed Case - enemy; deceased.
  • "Skinny" Flint Perry - enemy-turned-acquaintance.
  • "The Editor" - enemy.
  • Derek Jameson - arrestee.
  • Robert Jameson -arrestee.
  • Warren Collins - enemy; deceased.
  • Luke Taylor/"The Anonymous Blackmailer" - enemy; incarcerated.



  • Originally intended as a one-off minor character, Janet Worthing was later added to the roster of Regular Supporting Characters, and finally a Main Character in 'The Adventures of Billy Butterbread' - with the intention of adding more female leads to the series.
  • Even though Sergeant Worthing is described as having black hair in Chapter One of 'The Beginning', her original promotional image features her with blonde highlights running through it, tied in a bun. As of 'The Bowling Championship', this error has since been corrected.