The Bowling Championship is the third story in Volume 1.

It continues the central story arcs of the rise of Billy's archenemy - "The Editor", as well as Billy and Jean's ongoing "will they/won't they?" relationship.

It is also the first story to take place after Part I of the series' 'Bite-Sized Bits!', as the short 'Master Planner' leads directly into this story.


Billy, Jean and Ryan are all tired - overloaded with the stresses of daily life, they band together in search of a change to cure their exhaustion:

The answer comes to them in the form of the local Bowling Alley in Cheston Village, and Ryan soon leads the charge in a tournament that quickly leads to matters of the heart.






  • This story marks the first full appearances of Jean's friends, Carys Anderson and Nancy Blight, who were unseen and mentioned respectively in Chapter Two of 'The Beginning'.
  • Billy's pep talk to Ryan in Chapter Eight is reminiscent of Jean giving the former a reality check - a deliberate throwback to 'The Beginning' - even going as far as to paraphrase her (almost) word-for-word in one instance, with both saying - "...if you DO sit there, on your trouser-wearing backside, feeling this sorry for yourself – without EVER getting up – then you’re not giving yourself much to live for - are you?".
  • This story is the first to include hand-drawn images in every chapter - as well as the first to feature them in colour.