The Beginning is the first story in Volume 1 - as well as the full debut of The Adventures of Billy Butterbread; it serves as an introduction to the series' central characters - William "Billy" Butterbread III, Jean Phelps, Ryan Thompson, PC Janet Worthing and Mister Snoutnose, as well as Dee Livery; a recurring supporting character - following the readers' introduction to Cheston Village beforehand.

It also introduces the series' major antagonist - "The Editor" - debuting in an unseen cameo role.


Meet Billy Butterbread:

An amateur detective living and working in Cheston Village, specialising his cases around Food & Beverage - filling up the rest of his time as a food-critic for The Loudmouth Times.

But when Billy loses his job, and his greedy landlord - Mister Snoutnose - gives him one week to cough up an overwhelming sum of rent money, it's a race against time for Billy to win the day with help from friends old and new - as a vast conspiracy is about to be unravelled....






  • As of July 2018, this is the only story not to feature hand-drawn pictures for any chapter.
  • This story is the longest to-date - having Fifteen Chapters in total - as well as being distributed over the longest course out of any story (six weeks in total).