'The Adventures of Billy Butterbread: Bite-Sized Bits!' is a series of short, one-off stories - taking place in between the longer, ongoing stories with multiple chapters.

It focuses predominantly around the supporting and minor characters of the series, and debuted in late-February 2018 with Ryan Thompson in: 'Kitchen Crisis', taking place shortly after 'The Food Festival'.

Eight stories in total are planned: the first four took place between the latter story and 'The Bowling Championship', which are due to be followed by another four, between July and October 2018 - all occuring before the Fourth major story in Volume 1; 'The Anonymous Blackmailer'.


Part I

Preceeded by:

'The Food Festival'

Followed by:

'The Bowling Championship'


1. Ryan Thompson in: ‘Kitchen Crisis’

Published: 28th February 2018

When Billy goes to work for the day, Ryan decides to have another go at cooking something for a date in the wake of ‘The Food Festival’ – but is he as good a chef as he thinks?


2. “Skinny” Flint in: ‘Community Service’

Published: 29th March 2018

One month on from ‘The Food Festival’, “Skinny” Flint has helped out with Dee Livery’s Postal Orders, litter-picked, visited an Old Folks’ Home regularly, volunteered at the Local Library, as punishment for his attempted sabotage – and has finally grown bored of it all; but what will happen that might get him out of this fix once and for all?

Dee Livery ('Post-Modern'; Wiki-Page)
3. Dee Livery in: ‘Post-Modern’

Published: 14th May 2018

The best postman in Cheston Village, Dee Livery, finds his rounds threatened when the Post Office employs a van driver to take over some of the work - only to cause immmediate danger!

The Editor (Promotional)
4. "The Editor" in: 'Master Planner'

Published: 18th May 2018

In the build-up to Billy Butterbread's next big adventure, 'The Bowling Championship', "The Editor" is now well-aware that his archenemy is moving against him, and sets in motion the next stage of a "Master Plan"....

Part II

Preceeded by:

'The Bowling Championship'

Followed by:

'The Anonymous Blackmailer'

5. 'Seen and Not Heard'
5. Mayor Greg Jameson in: 'Seen and Not Heard'

Published: 23rd July 2018

As the Mayor prepares to deliver an important speech in front of the Village Hall for a Summer Fete, he continues to overlook and berate his disruptive sons - but they end up having the last laugh before too long.

6. 'Beat Cop'
6. PC Janet Worthing in: ‘Beat Cop’

Release Date: 17th August 2018

No Police Officer hates Night Duty more than Constable Worthing – especially when the young residents of No. 23, Broadwalk Avenue begin hosting regular House Parties, and no one else is around to help keep the peace between neighbours…

7. 'Top Billing'
7. Mister Snoutnose in: ‘Top Billing’

Release Date: 21st September 2018

Billy and Ryan are fed up with their landlord, Mister Snoutnose, pestering them week-by-week for rent money – but they are unaware that the old timer has a secret: what could it possibly be??

Short-Story 8 Logo
8. Halloween Special: ‘The Curse of Barry Bakerman’

Release Date: 31st October 2018

When Martin and Charlie stay over for a sleepover on Halloween Night, Ryan struggles to convey a convincingly terrifying ghost story. Fortunately, it seems that Billy is on hand to help out, as he delivers a tale that quickly sends shivers down everyone else’s spines.



Part I

Part II


  • The opening two shorts of Part I both deal with the aftermath of 'The Food Festival', while the final short - 'Master Planner' - leads directly into 'The Bowling Championship' - making the third short, 'Post-Modern', unique - as it is the only one of the four not to connect directly to any of the series' major stories.
  • 'Master-Planner' is - to date - the only content from the series (not counting "Welcome to Cheston Village!") to be told from the 1st Person. In the same story, "The Editor" makes a reference to the NBC revival of Brooklyn Nine-Nine; this was originally intended to mark the series' cancellation by FOX - but was changed at the last minute before publication when the show's revival was announced.
  • Mister Snoutnose is the only main character not to appear at all in Part I.
  • "Skinny" Flint's ongoing rivalry with Mayor Jameson has been a driving aspect of at least two 'Bite-Sized Bits!' - one for each Part, respectively ('Community Service' and 'Seen and Not Heard').